JIEEC Background

The JIEEC – International Electrical Equipment Conference has achieved recognition on the national electricity and energy scene, thanks to the success of its 17 editions held so far. Proof of this is the ever growing quality of the papers submitted and the attendance of representatives of power companies, manufacturers, technology centres, universities, and associations from the electricity and energy sector.

As a bit of background, JIEEC was held for the first time in 1987 and organised by TECNALIA (which was still Labein at that time). The aim was to bring together the different stakeholders working on high voltage equipment with the common aspect of electrical insulation. The conference was then held every two years until 1999, when it was deemed appropriate to realign the content and adapt it to the new demands of the electricity sector. Thus, the 2001 conference focused on the electricity generation facilities and equipment, as well as on the power grid systems and equipment, and adding specific areas of distributed generation.

In 2015, ORKESTRA became one of conference organisers; the event focused on electricity grids and specifically on technology, competitiveness, regulation and new business models (2015) and energy storage and digitalisation (2017).

The BASQUE ENERGY BOARD (EVE) joined the organisation for the following conference; and since 2019, JIEEC has been co-organised by TECNALIA, ORKESTRA and EVE.

The last edition (2022), entitled “Smart Grids: Key Technologies and Impact on the European Green Deal and Recovery Plans” explored aspects relating to the development of smart girds in the areas of the decarbonisation and sustainability of the energy system, of cybersecurity and data management, as well as regards the role of the new user of the power system and of energy communities. Both technological and regulatory themes were considered, and the evolution was reviewed of the most relevant aspects regarding the future of the grids in other countries in that respect.

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