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Power grids form the central element of the energy system and they suppose a key element to ensure an efficient energy transition.

In this framework aspects relating to smart grids development in the areas of electrification of the consumption (electrical vehicles, HVAC), the development of services of flexibility around DER management and the grids digitization (data treatment, cybersecurity) will be addressed.

Main objective of the congress is to promote a meeting point in which experts and researchers from different countries and fields can debate about the technological status and the advances in the electrical sector. Special attention will be given on the role of the electric grids in the energy transition. Regulatory issues and the evolution of the more relevant aspects related with the future of the networks in other countries will be considered here.


“Energy transition can not be implemented without important or in-depth transformations in the electric networks”


SESSIONS 1 & 2. Implications of energy transition for the electrical networks. European and International context

The transition from the current electricity transmission and distribution business models towards new business models based on smart grids is arguably the main challenge for energy utilities worldwide. This evolution, which will imply the widespread adoption of new technologies and processes, will likely mean a profound change in business strategies. Senior executives and experts from European and international utilities, representatives from various administrations and key stakeholders will discuss the main implications of the energy transition on electricity networks in this session.

SESSION 3. New technologies for the electrical grids; Digitalisation and electrification of energy demand

The development of smart grids, the growing digitalisation of the energy system and the increased electrification of energy consumption will require the deployment of a wide array of new smart, advanced technologies. The technology offer from the industry sector has shifted into a fully digitized portfolio of products, where the presence of ICTs is key to improving the performance of networks and facilitating the deployment of distributed energy resources and the development of new business models. In this session, high level representatives from multinational electrical equipment manufacturers will share their views on the technological implications of this transformation and how their products and solutions will help to achieve an increasingly electrified energy supply.

SESSION 4. The role of the distribution business in the energy transition in Spain

Many reports show that Spanish utilities are being forerunners in the development and deployment of smart grids, and their pilot projects are among the most relevant in the world in relation to the adoption of new technologies and the digitalisation of systems, equipment and processes. In this session, top level officers from the major Distribution System Operators in Spain will present the key enabling factors that will facilitate the development of smart grids and their view for the future.

SESSION 5. Flexibility markets and new role-players and services: aggregators and prosumers

As electricity networks become smarter and the penetration of distributed energy resources increases, utilities will demand more flexibility services to guarantee a safe and efficient power supply. The provision of network services by distributed energy resources at the local and system level is considered to be a crucial achievement in the quest of more flexible powers systems, capable of coping with the operating challenges derived from a fully decarbonized power supply. New actors like prosumers and aggregators will play key roles in the future energy supply chain under promising business models based on self-consumption, demand response, etc. This session will bring together energy market specialists and leaders in the international industry who will identify and discuss the main challenges to the development of flexibility markets and how they are being addressed in different countries.


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